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{New Post} 2017 Limitations for Kinetic Die Casting Company

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{New Post} 2017 Limitations for Kinetic Die Casting Company

Here is the basic limitations of buying die casting parts from Kinetic Die Casting Company


Aluminum Die Casting Alloys (90% of our business)

A360 aluminum (Mostly used for Automotive and Lighting including low copper A360)

A380 aluminum (Most common alloy) Including A383 and A384

A413 aluminum (Mostly used in Aircraft, Heat sinks and Lighting)

Zinc Die Casting Alloys – Cold Chamber (10% of our business)

ZA27 Zinc-Aluminum die casting alloy

#3 Zinc (ZAMAK 3) Most common zinc die casting alloy.

#5 Zinc (ZAMAK 5)

Die Casting Part Sizes and Die Casting Part Weights we have made:

Smallest part we have made is 0.25 inches by 0.25 inches for BK Lighting Company weighing a few grams

Largest part we have made is 17 inches by 14 inches for Pioneer Roofing Tile Company weighing 8 pounds.

Die Casting Production Quantity:

Lowest quantity of parts shipped to Parker-Hannifin Corp. FSD of ten (10) parts on purchase order.

Highest quantity of parts shipped for pump housings of over 450,000 parts in a year.

Production Parts Delivery:

Purchase Order (PO) receipt to production shipment in less than 4 weeks.

Expedite to less than a week is possible.

Transfer tool to KDC for production in 4 weeks or less is typical.

Kinetic Die Casting Production Part Types:

Automotive Die Casting Parts

Airplane Die Casting Parts

Light Fixture Die Casting Parts

Consumer Products Aluminum Parts

Aerospace Die Casting Parts

Military Die Casting Parts


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