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{New Post} Cox Die Casting Company

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{New Post} Cox Die Casting Company

For over 60 years, Cox Die Casting has been providing dependable, high quality die casting services to customers throughout California and the United States. Combining old fashioned personalized customer service with the latest production technology, Cox Die Casting delivers a winning combination of high production standards, prompt, reliable service and hands-on customer care.

Cox Plant

Cox Die Casting Company

1528 W. 178th Street

Gardena, California 90248

Phone: 310 532-7544 Fax: 310 532-8588

Cox Die Casting Company is closed.

The owners of Cox Die Casting Company decided to retire and sell all the assets of Cox Die Casting. Kinetic Die Casting Company has negotiated with the owners of Cox to continue some of their customer's die casting part production requirements. If you purchase die casting parts from Cox, we will produce the parts for you. Just send us your die casting tooling. You can contact Kinetic Die Casting Company by calling 818-982-9200 from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM from Monday through Thursday.

Click the image to send us a price request for your parts and tooling.

Die Casting Part Prices

Details from the former Cox Die Casting Company web site: (

For nearly 60 years Cox has produced high quality die castings for manufacturers in these industries:

Computer Equipment

Electrical and Electronics


Defense and Aerospace

Builders Hardware

Hand Tools

Sporting Goods

Medical Equipment


Let the experienced specialists at Cox help evaluate your business's needs. Value Added Services. In addition to our core specialties of aluminum and zinc die casting, Cox Die Casting provides a number of value added services.


Hand and Mass Deburring

Drilling, Tapping, CNC and Conventional Milling

Installation of Inserts and Rivets

Functional and Dimensional Testing

Painting and other Coatings



Packing and Shipping


Kinetic Die Casting Company

Kinetic Die Casting Company

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818-982-9200 –

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