Thursday, February 15, 2018

{New Post} Rache Corporation

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{New Post} Rache Corporation

February 15, 2018 Guest Newsletter Posting – Established in 1990, Rache Corporation specializes in precision thin material fabrication, machining and rapid prototyping using laser technology. Over the years, we have become the industry leader in thin metal laser cutting, laser welding, laser drilling, laser marking, laser etching, deep laser engraving, weld joint design and helium leak testing. Our process has significant advantages over existing technologies:
• Working directly from your CAD files, we require no artwork or special tooling which allows us to deliver parts the same day, if necessary. Laser cutting is an excellent alternative to chemical etching, die-stamping or wire EDM.
• Environmentally conscious, we use no chemicals or hazardous materials in our process.
• We can cut virtually any metal and many plastics and organic materials.
• We work in quantities of one to tens of thousands.
• We can hold extremely tight dimensional tolerances.
Our customer base includes large and small companies from the RF/microwave, aviation & aerospace, medical device, automotive, defense and commercial electronics industries. Please allow us to show you our unsurpassed quality, on-time delivery and excellent customer service. Our management system is certified to ISO9001:2015.

Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Stratis Calagias
Rache Corp. (
Camarillo, CA 93012


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