Friday, June 30, 2023

Die Casting RFQs June 2023

Die Casting RFQs June 2023 –

Request for quotes start the process of our customers getting aluminum die casting parts from Kinetic Die Casting Company. The last few weeks we have received several RFQs (Request For Quotes). Each RFQ was a different material. One was two 6061 aluminum Heatsinks, another was A413 aluminum US Military Tank Part and another was a A356 aluminum antennae. To get a die casting part prices from us is simple.

We have a die casting request for price form:

One way, is to send us a sample part of the part you need. Tell us how many you need. Tell us about your die casting tooling. We will give you a prices to use your tooling to make your parts.

Another way, is to send us a blueprint of your die casting part. Tell us how many you need per delivery and annually. We will quote die casting tooling and part price.

The simplest way, is to send us your die casting tooling and send us a copy of the purchase order to from your last time you ordered die casting parts. We will do our best to confirm your purchase order with the current metal price to match that part price and send you your die casting parts.

Die Casting RFQs June 2023

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